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Old 03-12-2014, 09:27 PM
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Guanajo ala Florida

As y'all know I'm referring to what our glorious Amerindian ancestor rightfully called that autuctonous New World fowl, the ' turkey '.
Take a whole fowl, if possible, an organic variety such as the Osceola nailed with non-toxic shot.
Dismember the sucker into logical anatomic sections such as thighs, boneless breasts, drumsticks etc... Save the backbone, wing tips and organs to make stock or just get commercial chicken stock. Do not get store bought turkey stock. It tastes like boiled feathers.
Salt n pepper
Essence of the gods(olive oil)60cc
salt 'n pepper
the dismembered guanajo
Lots of onions maybe 2 or 3 large ones
16oz of mushrooms(the Seminoles used shiitake)
Half pound of tasty pork meat(preferably organic wild harvested)
A couple of pounds of carrots or equivalent starchy substitute)
A few branches of the usual Amerindian herbs; sage, rosemary and thyme
3 cups of stock

In a skillet and olive oil brown the Guanajo portions( mostly on the skin side). Remove them 'n set them aside. Heat the oven to 300F.
While the oven heats. In the browning oil and skillet place the pork morsels, onions, mushrooms and Seminole herbs. Brown to a pleasantly pigmented state(perhaps 10-15min.). Transfer the yummy saute to a roasting pan. Accommodate the hyperpigmented meat in the pan leaving the hypopigmented meat for later roasting. Be patient.
Roast 90 to 120min. till the dark meat is tender, then add the breast meat. Cook another 45 min or till done to whatever your immune system or taste buds tolerate. You may stir the veggies during the cooking time if anxious over over browning.
Serve in a plater with color coordinated plates and tasteful silverware or cracker style to be fished out of the pot to be devoured.
A denizen of Notaland
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