What is UW-F?

United Waterfowlers – Florida, Inc.is a waterfowling organization in the state of Florida whose mission is the improvement of duck hunting in our state.

How is UW-F different than DU or Delta?

UW-F is a Florida organization concentrating on the improvement of duck hunting opportunities and success in Florida. DU and Delta are national organizations with conservation as their major mission. Most UW-F members are also members of these two important groups. UW-F is not a fund raising organization and does not compete with DU or Delta for money or members. UW-F will not fill your mailbox with donation requests. UW-F operation expenses are covered by the $25.00 annual dues and one or two raffles per year. UW-F does not raise funds for transfer to national projects.

UW-F does act as an informal political action committee, participating in political matters that the charters of DU and Delta may not allow. UW-F is the VOICE of Florida duck hunters in numerous meetings and hearings across Florida.

What will UW-F do for me?

UW-F is your VOICE at the federal, state and local government agencies. UW-F officers, directors, and members attend and monitor the meetings of the Atlantic Flyway Council, FWC, WMA, Water Management Districts and similar agencies. UW-F informs members of important subjects, puts together consensus opinions and asks members to “turn on the heat” with e-mails, letters, phone calls, etc… to the targeted bureaucrats or politicians.

How does UW-F communicate with the membership?

We make sure that we have constant and instant communication with our members and friends. In addition to the web site and the forum, UW-F utilizes the latest in social media. Important news is transmitted instantly via the UW-F E-news, Facebook, and Twitter. Fans of the printed media won’t be disappointed either: three times a year we publish the Ringer News.



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